6 – The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

Remember that time in high school awkward little you dressed like a Weezer disciple showed up to the hottest party and you were the only one fully clothed in a sea of bikini clad girls and topless dudes ready to get down and you were intimidated but at the end of the day you learned you should just be you and left the party with the only girl who wasn’t in her underwear? That’s the story of today’s song, or rather the iconic music video that accompanies a song written when a frustrated pop punk band called Jimmy Eat World was dropped by Capitol Records and decided make an album anyway, funding it themselves. They were rewarded for not writing themselves of too soon with a song that made it to the top of Billboard’s Modern Rock charts, had crossover top 40 appeal and will live on to be one of those defining songs of the early 2000s.

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